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Physical Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Physical Sciences (637)

Our Physical Sciences curriculum, starts with a science core of Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Mathematics courses which allow students to develop a broad understanding of basic principles in each of these fields of science.  The students must then further their studies in either Chemistry, Physics, or Mathematics with an additional 21 semester hours of upper level courses selected to prepare the student for either the workforce or professional school.

Curriculum Effective Fall 2018:

Physical Science Major Requirements: (79 credit hours).

Students seeking a major in Physical Science must complete the following:

Physical Sciences core: 29 credit hours

  • BIOL1010/1011
  • BIOL1020/1021
  • CHEM1030/1031
  • CHEM1040/1041
  • ENGL3230
  • PHYS2510/25111
  • PHYS2520/2521

Physical Science Electives or Concentration:  Select 30 credit hours from either

Physical Science Electives (637): Select 30 credit hours from CHEM2110-2111, 2120-2121, 3010-3011, 3020-3021, 4040-4041, MATH2050, 3090, 3130, 3150, 3160, 4050, PHYS3120, 3291, 4100 and any 3000- or 4000-level EDUC course.

Chemistry Concentration Electives (637A): Select 30 credit hours from CHEM2110-2111, 2120-2121, 2140-2141, 3010-3011, 3020-3021, 3210, 3220-3221, 4040-4041, 4050, 4140, 4160-4161, and 4950.

Science Electives: 20 credit hours of any Biology (BIOL), Chemistry (CHEM), or Physics (PHYS) courses.